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                Aviation Training

                航空培訓板塊:Aviation Training
                航空培訓事業部是网信彩票(集团)有限网信彩票有限网信彩票有限公司高新近年來重點發展的事業部之一,部門下网信彩票有限网信彩票有限网信彩票有限公司轄四個訓練中心,分別位於昆明、天津、新加坡、沈陽。 Aviation Training is one of the prioritized business divisions of Haite High-tech in recent years. We have four aviation training centers located in Kunming, Tianjin, Shenyang and Singapore respectively.
                Haite aviation training boasts a professional team including Chinese and foreign instructors and has been approved by multiple Civil Aviation Authoriies including CAAC, EASA, CAAS, CAAT, CAAV, Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia, Directorate General of Civil Aviation India, Civil Aviation Authority of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
                飛网信彩票有限网信彩票有限网信彩票有限公司行員培訓:Pilot training
                To date,the division has12 level-D simulators for civil aircrafts and helicopters, 4 set of dynamic cabin with supporting equipment. The construction of total 23 simulator bays will be completed in 5 years. .
                l B737NG D級全動飛行模擬网信彩票有限网信彩票有限网信彩票有限公司機(4臺)
                l A320 D級全動网信彩票有限网信彩票有限网信彩票有限公司飛行模擬機(6臺)
                l B737CL D級全网信彩票有限网信彩票有限网信彩票有限公司動飛行模擬機(1臺)
                l EC-135型D級模擬機 (1臺)
                l A320綜合程序訓練器(1臺)
                l B737NG level D full flight simulator X 4
                l A320 level D full flight simulator X6
                l B737CL level D full flight simulator X 1
                l EC-135 level D simulator X 1
                l A320  Integrated Procedure Trainer X1
                We provide all types of pilot training on our A320,B737,EC-135 simulators to  customers ,such as initial, requalification, transition , recurrent upgrade,type rating, differential training etc.
                乘務培訓:Flight attendants training
                We provide all types of flight attendant training on our A320,A330 and B737 mock-ups for customers ,such as initial, recurrent, transition and emergency survival  training etc.
                l B737陸上艙/滑梯
                l B737水上訓練艙
                l B737艙門訓練器
                l 滅火訓練网信彩票有限网信彩票有限网信彩票有限公司房
                Crew training facilities
                l B737Cabin / slide
                l B737Water training cabin
                l B737Cabin door trainer
                l Fire-fighting training cabin
                l 昆明飛安航空訓練有限网信彩票有限网信彩票有限公司
                l Kunming AviationSafetyTraining Co., Ltd.
                l 天津飛安航空訓練有限网信彩票有限网信彩票有限公司
                l Tianjin Flight Safety Aviation Training Co., Ltd
                l 新加坡飛安航空訓練有限网信彩票有限网信彩票有限公司
                l Flight Safety Aviation Training Co., Ltd.(Singapore)
                l 沈陽飛安航空訓練有限网信彩票有限网信彩票有限公司
                l Shenyang  AviationSafetyTraining Co., Ltd.